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Nurses and doctors are meant to save lives, but these days people lose lives due to their lack of professionalism by Khumo Ntodi (Mafenya)

Civil servants are not working professionally.

Nurses are supposed to be there in public hospitals/clinics to assist patients on daily basis .It is their profession to be medically fit and open hearted to patient asking for assistance to them but that’s not happening in our local clinics .professionalism is clearly a disturbing factor to the health of patients when will this stop??

Patients are being neglected, and harassed by nurses who are impatient because they want to get their jobs done quickly regardless of the patients feelings in hand. This is a disgrace indeed. Why choose a career that you know it’s all about working with people every day but still be harsh to them. Patients must be treated with respect whether young or old there is not difference whether heavily sick or fit enough to stand on their own…be humanly nurses because this people come to free governmental clinics because they do not have the right facilities to go to private clinics where they can get better services.

This is a true story that happened at a local hospital in Soweto. One of the most funded public hospital “The Baragwanath hospital on 17 May 2014. Such cruelty of neglecting patients should just come to an end period. Where a pregnant lady (whose name can’t be revealed due to family’s situation) was in for labour and was attended on a later stage, finally nurses came to check her and found that the unborn baby had already passed on cause of suffocation in the ambiotic sag (placenta).the nurses told the lady crying that she will have to wait longer as doctors are very scarce in the hospital so there is nothing they can do to help without the doctor’s orders. Imagine the pain and burning sensation of a baby inside you and having to wait again unbearable but this happens and the government is quiet about serious issues like this. Civil servants should take priority to patients needing help or else communities are going to take the law into their hands to make ends meet regardless of what it takes. This is their family members who are affected and living with scars in their heart for eternity.

If it was not for the aunt shouting and fighting with the nurses, threatening them that she will take the matter to the next level this young crying lady would still be in pain waiting for Doctors to come operate her in order to take out the baby. Otherwise the hospital would have been responsible for the death of two people due to negligence
Civil servants this is a plea from the family of the patient treated badly. ”We are deeply hurt as the (Ditlhale) family because we had trust in the doctors but they failed to do their work and we will never forget this tragic incident that happened to us as the Ditlhale family” said the aunt.