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The impact of the AMCU strike by Minah Motuku (Luka)

The AMCU strike which began on the 23rd of January 2014 has major impact not only to the strikers but the community as a whole. The miners, the mining company, business owners, the taxi business and even attendance at school have dropped.
Luka is one of the villages in the Bafokeng Nation which like most villages in this nation is dependent on the mining industry. The mining industry generates most of the income in the community whether directly or indirectly as most are not working in the mines but somehow we are all affected (mine workers, mining companies, business owners and even attendance at our schools).

The Amcu strike not only affect Luka as a community, it affects other neighbouring villages and countries. We have tenants in our village, most households consists of families where there is nobody working in the house, they make a living by renting out their back rooms, now that tenants are without income, they too are without income. “we got bills to pay and now our rooms are empty, what do we do?”, said one of the landlords.

Tenants are being chased out because they cannot pay rent, they have nowhere to leave their possessions as they have no money to transport them hom

The strike is organised by AMCU demanding a basic salary of R12 500 a month. It’s been four months since the strike began but even today the union refuse to settle for what the company has to offer. Implats CEO Mr Goodlace says “the group’s good start to the financial year was severely impacted”. “employees should be allowed to return to work while the leadership of AMCU & Implats engage to find a long term, viable solution for employees”…adds Goodlace.

National Union of Mine workers (NUM) urges workers to stay away as 15 of its members have been attacked. On May 12 2014, 3 members have been killed and 6 others stabbed on their way to work. 2 vehicles were torched and suspicions are it’s the mine workers who did this. The violence is worrying.