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We Want Jobs to Put Food on the Table Not Parks By Thabang Mpotle

Kanana Township in Orkney- Klerksdorp is under the Matlosana municipality, before the amalgamation of municipalities throughout South Africa Kanana used to be under the Orkney municipality, which is a known by many people for its rich gold mines.

In our area to date we have a huge problem of unemployment despite having a mining shaft in a close proximity of our community known as Tau Lekoa. We the residents of Kanana who are residing next to the Tau lekoa mine are not benefiting in any way from the mines. It is heartbreaking to notice that a huge portion of the mining workforce at the Tau lekoa has been drawn from outside our area and province. We know this reality because those people who are working on the mines are living with us as they are renting houses and back rooms in our community because the mine is not providing them with accommodation.

Anglo gold are coming to our area and build parks, and gym as a way of giving back to our community, this is important for us as the community, but they are not a priority, we need something which will make us put food on the table like sustainable jobs, so that we can be able to pay for our municipal services, and build better future for our families and community. What the mines are doing at the moment is stealing something which belong to our community, it is high time for them to deliver, good fruits which will benefit our community.