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What Happened to our City – By Susan Moraba

By Susan Moraba

The city of Emalahleni has grown from farming community into a business destination whereby farm lands are being bought by coal mining companies, real estate developers and capitalists to invest business not thinking for the communities of Emalahleni who are surrounded by their mines, power stations and the industries. The capitalists and our Government only care about the economy when it rise not worrying about the increase of illnesses/ diseases killing the communities.

As clever/ smart are the capitalists, they come to our country, our Province and our town with the convincing mind of job creation but when asked who will be employed, they would say every South African with relevant qualifications or requirements will be employed, they don’t even put the community members the first priority to be hired but just think of how their poison will bring them millions, billions and trillions of rands at the end of the day. Despite that the communities have environmental group activists, they just go on about their dealings and come forward when knowing that their deals are done, signed and sealed while waiting to manipulate the people by promising them jobs and playing with their feelings.

The local roads are nothing but holes because the trucks from the coal mining companies, constructions and the industries are taking over the city every day when transporting coal and other goods. The services rendered by our municipal our no longer delivered as promised. The vision of the district is to improve the quality of life through sustainable development and excellent centre service delivery but when one look at the city itself, Vosman area, Clewer, Coronation, MNS and Klarinet, it’s a shame or rather a disgrace because of the mines surrounding these areas, in fact they are at the centre of the mines, sinkholes which are a horror, a big disaster during winter where one can see smoke coming next to the shacks at Coronation, the sewerage pump station at Klarinet that is forever fixed till to date, the mine just a few meters away from the community of Vosman, the TB hospital which is also just a few meters away from these two mines, the dirty water and the electricity that is always on low shedding as if the city being mined doesn’t produce enough dirty to clean coal. Why let the people who are the beneficiaries in their own city suffer when they are supposed to benefit more?. The services are very poor while the city is very rich and the capitalists are destroying its environment together with its people. The districts mission is to improve institutional environment in order to address poverty but the opposite of the mission is what is happening, instead the people are starving, homeless, jobless and suffering with diseases caused by the developments which they are not benefiting from them.


*The sewerage pump at Klarinet being fixed


Our local and provincial government has a lot to answer or to account about the city before the community burn like hell because they rise-up while we as community shine-down. How long will it take the community of Emalahleni and the surrounding areas to benefit from the so called improved quality of life and the sustainable developments that the district promised or will we be buried by the sinkholes caused by the coal mining? Safa izibhobozo Emalahleni.witbankstation