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Anglo Access Bridge Collapsing

Elton Thobejane / Sekhukhune/EMAC/120716

anglobridge1-20160712 (1) Anglobridge20160712(2)The access bridge to the community of Dithabaneng located within Tubatse local Municipality in Limpopo is collapsing. The bridge was build by Twickenham platinum mine in 2013 and it was made of small culverts. As a result, during rainy season the forceful water running down Mokgothane stream hitting against the weak culverts and the gabion stones causing a severe damage to the structure.

What is more painful and embarrassing at the same time is that during the handover of the project the bridge was photographed and the photo was enlarged and posted on Anglo’ website to give an impression that they have build a bigger bridge for the community.

It is so embarrassing to an extent that Anglo rushed to remove the signage (poster) they have proudly erected which shows that the bridge was build by them.

This has created an outcry from this community and the neighbouring villages especially now that the rain season is around the corner.

Given the fact that it is now clear that Twickenham mine does not have a detailed process in place to be followed in order to lodge a complaint, it is therefore not clear how the affected community will go about lodging such a complaint and whether it will receive attention.