Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Water problems of the relocated village named after a river that is dry

Olebogeng Motene/BuaMC/Rustenburg/ 15th July 2016

DAY 2 of podcast training with Motlhabe monitors in the Pilanesburg area under the Moses Kotane local municipality. They are gathering more information about the water history in their community to finalise their access to water investigation.

Mr Pilane who is an active member of the community and who is actively involved in the land claim case is sharing his knowledge with the team. The community was forcefully relocated in 1932 to the current establishment, the village is named after a river which is now dried up. This community has challenge with access to clean water as they have community borehole taps 200m away from each other and any yard connection is regarded as illegal, even though it was proposed by the government before at a price of R350 which the community protested against.

WaterMotlabe20160715 (3) WaterMotlabe20160715 (4) waterMotlabe20160715 (5)The group is still busy with their investigation on the water challenge they experience.