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Kanana local contractors to be suspended

The community of kanana situated in Orkney,  klerksdorp can not wait to see the new shopping mall up and running . For the local people to work in the construction phase of this mall, it was not easy, it was a battle. This massive construction which is still in process has employed 150 local people as according to the records kept by the Kanana forum comprising of local contractors. With this news the sad ones s announced was from the 8th of September the local sub constructors services to be temporarily suspended until further notice. It is believed that the funds for this development were misused and handled irresponsibly,The developers announced that the official opening of the mall will be delayed as a result. Community is not happy about this delay. This kind of development is the only hope for the community because the mines around failed long time ago to employ the locals. Kanana is poor despite being surrounded by the gold mines, the unemployed assembles at the local stadium every Thursdays to hear if there are any good news from the mines around in terms of employment.