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Free State province is drying up day by day.

Community Alerts/ Rhona Riet-Vaal-Gauteng/21 October 2016


On the 13th of October 2016, I participated a workshop at Fezile Dabi offices in Sasolburg; sadly enough Free State is drying up by the day. Here are facts and realities which I learned from the workshop which I attended.

Climate feather in SA

Wammer(<3°C above 1961-2000),wetter,greater frequency of  extreme rainfall event.


Hotter (<3°C above 1961-2000)wetter hotter substantially greater frequency of extreme rainfall events.


Wammer Drier

Wammer (<3°C above),drier, increase in frequency of extreme rainfall events.


Hotter Drier

Hotter(<3°C above 1961-2000),drier,sub sequential increase in n the frequency of drought events, greater frequency of extreme rainfall events.



Our grains are moving to the east as we leaking rain.


Medium Risk  Senior Biomes Change.

It’s serve our Metsimaholo is going to become a Bush felt.


Threatens Ecosystem.

Certain spices are vulnerable Fezile Dabi district is Endangered.


Green Drop Score

Metsimaholo WSA green drop 3, 61.70%.


Blue Drop Cause

Metsimaholo 84, 49%.