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Water is more precious than gold

Community alerts/ Lorraine Kakaza/ Mpumalanga/ 30 September 2016


Water is more precious  than gold,it is life and is good for human consumption without water there’s no Life .An angry resident named Ester Sindane  says I grow up here at Wondefontein community drinking water from the borehole it use to taste nice,we use to do household chores,plant our crops and do our laundry with clean water.

But ever since the mining destructive activity started is were we started to face the threats of our livelihoods,health and the environment .we no longer getting the quality of water we use to get which was clean and the quantity of water cause are boreholes are getting dry .

we have to stand for two hours in order to get water and the water come out in brownish color so it’s ether we boil it or we put Jik .if we don’t do that we will be have stomach running its painful.