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Scandal at TKLB Public hearings in Rustenburg Civic Center (23rd Jan)

Community Alerts/ Buda Lentswe/Bojanala-Motlhabe/24 January 2017


Members of Parliament gave a short summary of presentation on the contents of the bill and the members of the public were pissed and the public was also granted an opportunity to give inputs on the contents of the bill and not even one was supporting it, they were told to return back wherever they come from with their bill because its not made for them but for Khoisan’s.

By the 14th hour of the day the public dismissed and only a few were left, the meeting continued and the public freaked out and deliberately interrupted the meeting, Richard Mzameni Mdakane (president of SANCO) ended up pointing fingers and fighting by  the use of words with activists and the members of the public, until the police came.