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Community Development Services and Stakeholders meeting  

Community Alerts/Andries Mocheko/Lephalale-Limpopo/22 April 2017



Good day activist; yesterday 21/04/2017 at Marapong SAVF 01 STOP CENTRE, NGOs, NPOs, CBOs and Stakeholders around Lephalale held a meeting that was organized by Department of Social Development Waterberg District Lephalale SUB-OFFICE. purpose of the meeting it was to bring all organization around Marapong Township under one umbrella to come with ideas, how can we help young lions of Marapong about their behaviour when coming alcohol abuse, drug abuse, dropping out of school at early age; issue here, Why Marapong, cause Marapong it’s a closest township that surrounded by all development around Lephalale like mines and power station. Our focus in that meeting was Youth of Marapong, looking pregnancy, drug abuse, dropping out of school and choosing entertainment as first priority. Our meeting was successful and we manage to come with ideas of coming with programs that going to ussist our future generations, together with Department of Social Development and Stakeholders around Lephalale to come together and help our youth in Marapong township….amaandlaa