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Livestock died after drinking water from the mine stream

Community Alerts/ Mathapelo/Limpopo/17 May 2017

Mrs Teleki is one of the community members from Mantjekane who lost 3 goats and 1 cow on 14/08/2014.  When I asked her about the test that the mine told us about (community) the granny told me that she never attended any meeting with the mine and the last time she tried to communicate with the mine it was in November 2016 where she found her cow at the mine stream, the cow was weak and she went to mine security but they told her to take the cow home.  And from that day she felt disappointed as when she went to mine it was because people told her that the mine will compensate her, so she took the cow home slaughtered it to feed her family. She lost 10 cattle and 3 goats since the start its mine operation.

She also said that she is certain because the last cow that she took from the mine stream was found with lots brownish water in the stomach by her family.  Her family now buy grass to feed their livestock and made small dam of drinking water, they buy water and fill the dam so that the cattle may drink, and two of the cow she lost were pregnant now she is left with 7 cattle and 2 calves. Her last words was even when they are trying hard to keep their livestock home it is useless because they always go to the stream to drink the polluted water. By Mathapelo – Limpopo Sekhukhune

Small drinking pound for livestock



Grass bought to ensure livestock does not feed near the deadly stream