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The suffering of innocent people

Community Alerts/Francina Nkosi/17 May 2017

Meeting with elderly community members of Marapong who wish to go back to the farms where they were born. Marapong is located in Lephalale, Waterberg District of Limpopo. Mr Macson Moloantoa was born in 1963 at Smespan farm at Steenbokpan, he is the grandson of the late Helena Mathipa Moloantoa. His grandmother used to walk a long distance to visit the families in Ellisras town from one farm to another before Matimba Power Plant was built, she got tired and thought maybe she could just take a nap unfortunately animals ate her up till death , that’s when her family last saw her. Her bones were found by workers when constructing Grootgeluk (EXXARO) hostel and investigations were done to ensure the family that the remaining bones belonged to their late grandmother.

Her bones were buried at a farm were Medupi Power Plant is built in the early 80’s. Marapong was named because of her bones had being found there. Medupi was taken head on to protect the grave and other graves. Medupi refuses to erect tombstones on top of the other graves, families must make sure that they get tombstones for their late loved ones; Medupi must allow people to go and visit their beloved ones.

Life was good before Medupi Power Plant, its existence has changed people’s lives, and kids are stubborn, uncontrollable, migrant workers, sickness and informal settlements. We had no problem with the farming part and we were safe to sleep without locking. There are taverns every corner and high rate of Unemployment. By Francina Nkosi