21st April 2020
Lucky Hlabirwa

During this Lockdown period, some of Community Leaders use the situation to serve their personal interests. We are experiencing allegations of Councillors giving their own people food parcels and necessary help. We know very well that, Councillors are representing local government in regard of being affiliated to their political parties or not. Some of our Activists might be injected with this looting plans but let’s not condone that in our different organisations. Let’s be the front-liners who are willing to help the poor during this Lockdown period and beyond.

Some of our communities don’t know the process of getting food parcels, they need them when they see people receiving theirs. Sometimes they must register for that first and sometimes those who are running the program will identify the needy families or Communities. Let’s explain to different individuals or communities what to do in order to get help than complaining and pointing fingers. Anyone can lead and give the poor food parcels if there is a proper engagement with private or public sectors. Government must establish a very strong teams to monitor the process of giving the poor communities especially during this Lockdown period. If we really see the corruption or criminal activities from them and from one of our own, we must blow the whistle and condemn that immediately. Communities are stressed all over South Africa because of looting in their names. Those who are willing to help let’s help our communities without expectations. Activists should be the front-liners✊✊✊✊if it’s possible. Let’s also appreciate the little we receive to help the poor communities