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Brutal killing of a young activist in Carolina

Community Alerts/Lorraine Kakaza/Mpumalanga/21 May 2017

A young community activist was killed today around 3am when he was getting ready to go home. He was a leader who was always standing at the forefront to fight of unemployment, water and service delivery around Carolina at Silobela which is the township. He was stabbed to death by a group of people which are unknown as yesterday it was Friday he was at the tavern with friends having fun the painful part is, it is said he was getting ready to go home he went straight to his car and found a group of people standing around/ surrounding his car with knifes the next thing his body was lying down.

Sandile Nkutha is no more so he can’t tell us what happened whether they were quarreling or he was under threat, fortunately on the night of the incident that occurred at the tavern called Kwamthuzi there was an eye witness who saw one guy who was also involved in the killing of Sandile Nkutha. He is young high school learner studying at the high school called Zinikeleni high school doing his Grade 10. He was taken into police custody with the suspect, the suspect was been beaten by the police to reveal names of those who were involved in the killing of Sandile, the community of Carolina is angry that all young activists who bringing change are being killed brutally and fear who is next?. By Lorraine Kakaza