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Stealing of Copper taps in Kwa-Tsaduza

Community Alerts/ Luyanda Ntombela/ Ekurhuleni/31 May 2017

In Kwa-Tsaduza( Kwa-Thema, Duduza and Tsakane) we have a challenge of  theft of copper taps as a result they are replaced with plastic ones. This initiative contributes to the problem of leaking taps, considering the challenge of rusted pipes due to old infrastructure and the non- maintenance of it yet the EMM (Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality) plans to install pre-paid water meters meanwhile they have not maintained the old pipes. This results in people left without water considering the number of free water given to communities. The fact that one house accommodates 5 families is not considered. As Ekurhuleni Environmental Organisation we have taken a step to consult local government officials and so far they are not responding. By Luyanda Ntombela

Un-maintained water pipes