Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Community demands that department must bring the Team of Water Management& governance concepts on following meeting for proper relationship to exist

Community Alerts/Tokelo Mahlakwana/Sekutlong-Limpopo/05 July 2017

This means the Department of water and sanitation was doing their work today because even I was invited to be part of the meeting at Seokodibeng under ward 32 along R37 road we were met with Mnisi Joseph from Department of Water and Sanitation.

The purpose of the meeting was to make relationship between the communities, ward committees, ward counsellors, water committees, CDWs (Community Development Workers) and SDM( Sekhukhune District Municipality )

The communities from Habeng, Sehunyane, Moshira, Moroke as a hole and Magobading were attending. The communities were reporting on how they struggle to get water especially from bore holes, dams made by Municipality. Is where I started to see that our Department of Water and Sanitation don’t do their job accordingly because they don’t know where the problem is.

We asked him if he recalls the last time they ran tests on bore holes and our dams, that to show him that we are aware that the water we use to drink is very contaminated and is the Department of Water and Sanitation have to say about our healthy.

We told him that next time when he come he must come with Team of Water Management& governance concepts and if they don’t have we must form that, we were referring teams of CMA, WMA and CMF if he really want to build relationship. By Tokelo Mahlakwana