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Meeting with the Mayor

Community Alerts/Eunice Mampa/Ga-Mamapa/22 August 2017

We had meeting  with mayor Hlatswayo , deputy mayor and other executives of the Mampa municipality. Unfortunately we didn’t meet the right person. W were looking for(councilor Maisela), but we tried to raise our issues .

We were there for a follow-up meeting. We held meetings at the  Tubatse municipality about two times but with no conclusion. Today we were willing to meet with Maisela in front of the mayor and tell the mayor how Maisela is trying to divide our community.The mayor promised to have a meeting with our community and he promised that Maisela will be there too. He said “he will arrange the meeting ASAP” so that we will have conclusions of our issues at our community. By Eunice Mampa