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I’m empowering women I was donating food parcels with my crew

Community Alerts/Lorraine Kakaza/Carolina-Mpumalanga/30 Sep 17

I spoke to Yvonne Sampar whose a chairperson and a founder of the Greater Phola Ogies Women’s Forum in short (GPOWF) which was formed on the 11 January 2017 and was launch on the 19 of May 2017 situated at the Mpumalanga Province. I asked her why she started her nonprofit organization she told me that “she started this because her dream was to be a Social worker and she’s passionate to help people who are in need especially women and children…I always wanted to be a Social worker when I grow up but day it didn’t happen as I planned I had to drop out of school I fall pregnant and have to look after my child , and my parents were not working. After raising my child, I didn’t further my studies or even go back to school. I then decided to work with women because women carry lot of burden some of them give up due to a low self-esteem also motivate women to do work with their own hands not to wait for mining companies to hire them as they are care givers at homes and in our societies. We have a group of women that we work with and we won’t to form co-ops for them so that they can also create jobs for other women.” So while people were celebrating their Heritage day I was on the field helping people who are in need even though my dream didn’t came as I wish I still have more streanght I’m empowering women I was donating food parcels with my crew