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Armed police distrupts community meeting

111017 /Billian Matambo and Josphat Makaza/ Marange Chiadzwa

Armed police and immigration officials yesterday disturbed one of the best mobilised community meetings in Marange mining community at Mukwada village in Manicaland. I had attended to give a solidarity message on behalf of the citizens ‘manifesto movement. All the foreign delegates were detained and by 2100 hrs they were still at Mutare central together with brave Farai Maguwu and colleagues from CNRG who had followed to secure the release of the foreign delegates. From the research done by CNRG and from the community members, gross human rights and injustices occurred and still occur in the diamond mining fields of Chiadzwa. We were barred from taking photos by the police. Government is clearly putting a screen around the operations of mining companies and government operations in Marange. Tatenda Mombeyarara

101117 Josphat Makaza Chiadzwa

Community not free to assemble and associate

We convened for a Chiadzwa Community Development Trust CCDT annual event in Marange on the 10th of November 2017. Operation Hakudzokwi Commemoration was being held for the fourth time. Invited guests counted up to a thousand including delegates from Brazil, South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia and other countries. Immigration officers arrived with the Zimbabwe Republic Police officials. They called all foreigners sitting in the tent and arrested them immediately. They were accused of getting into the diamond area without permit and clearance. All were fined US$100 each. When we seek police clearance we are informed the police station that we are going to receive some visitors from other countries. Diamond mining had made it impossible and difficult for communities and community based organizations in Marange to assemble and associate despite the constitutions amendment no 20 granting citizens the rights and freedoms . It is really a challenge to organise and mobilize in Marange