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Disgusting drains overflowing the streets of Ikemeleng

Community Alerts/Jack Botopela/Ikemeleng-Rustenburg/21 Oct 17

The community of Ikemeleng and informal settlement just out of Rustenburg, is alive with cultural diverse community members as it’s known for South African informal settlement. Our community has been using the bucket system toilets and community water taps for years. Only the past year the local municipality installed Ventilated Improved Toilets. Due to lack of yard spaces some are located in the streets and are shared by few households.These are pit toilets dug less than 1.5 meters down.

Some community members have developed drainage systems which overflows the community streets. This smells terrible as it is bath and laundry water. This has had led to a few community fights. There are often xenophobic comments due to the diversity in the community.This drainage is mostly associated with foreign nationals who are residing in the area.