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Anglo and its client Bokoni are trying their best to run away from complying

Community Alerts/Moshabi Selowa/Limpopo-Malengine section Monametsi/11/01/18

We yesterday had meeting with the following parties:

Anglo American rep by Barnard Mayer

SQ S.A rep by Bongani


Makanaga– rep by Shai

Letsemeng civil construction rep by Phasha.

Apology from Chisa multi project and apology accepted. In this meeting we agreed to have black and white agreement of their project scope of work before starting project. However, the following were proposed to start with as the grievances were indicated before or allowed the proposal to undertake the project procedure.

The four houses which are badly damaged and rest of the work will have determined by value damaged houses. What l like most on this, the repairing contract showed clear that the houses have foundation problem they don’t think that will be quality work on repairing houses.

For the project to start now need only scope from contractors after investigating the houses. The final date for investigation will be tomorrow to finalize the paper work. The 45 houses will be the beneficiaries each from his/ her own house. By Moshabi Selowa