Community Alerts/ Abbey Mafate/Bapong-Rustenburg/23 July 2017

Feedback of the Bapo Community Traditional Office Mass Meeting held on 20 July 2017:

Following a meeting held on the 19 July at the Madibeng Municipality, Lonmin was asked to do 4 things.

  1. Make an apology to the mass in the presence of the Municipality.
  2. Agreed to a follow up meeting on the 26:07/2017 to workshop Procurement opportunities within the company
  3. Commitment to introduction of training initiatives for the community
  4. Availability of jobs (now)

The following was Lonmin’s response today:

  1. Apology made

– Response: Accepted

  1. Procurement opportunities

– Response: To be discussed at next week Wednesday’s planned meeting

  1. R1m training budget for different skills

– Response: Amount too little. Lonmin must go and revise this number to a much higher number and report back by next Wednesday on the meeting

  1. Lonmin offered 150 contract positions immediately

– Response: Number not accepted. Too low. Lonmin must go and revise the number to increase it and report back on next Wednesday’s meeting

Other concerns raised:

– AMCU is threatening strikers and Lonmin must sort it out

– Arrested protestors must be released immediately. The Bapo CEO was tasked to deal with the matter

It was mentioned that the protests will be put on hold until the next Thursday when the mass will meet to discuss and decide on the way forward following the feedback from Lonmin. By Abbey Mafate