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Edmund Mandla shares how acid mine drainage has affected him spiritually

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/01/02/18

Rapule posts on behalf of Edmund Mandla Tsawe from Orlando East, Soweto.
I,Edmund Mandla Tsawe of 3419 Christian street Orlando East Soweto ,had an interview with Mr.Israel Mosala of Earthlife organization on the 27 November 2017 as follows:

I knew about acid mine drainage since 2008.Then my concern started when I was fetching water from a spring pond. I then realized that the water was purple yellowish in colour and was emitting a smell which was like rotten eggs. The spring pond was next to the Fleurhof dam which is also used by me and other traditional healers. Both the spring pond and the Fleurhof dam are situated opposite Meadowlands township and nearer the Klip river. All these places are regarded as sacred spiritual places used for ritual purification, baptism, exorcism and appeasing the ancestors’ guardian spirits. I also observed that the Fleurhof dam had suddenly had dead fishes and crabs floating on it.
I also observed that t the Fleurhof dam and the spring pond, its normal brown river stones had changed to be charcoal white. The reeds along it and in the stream, had decreased in numbers, and usually there used to grow plants such as Calamus and other sacred fauna were no longer growing. So, it affected me spiritually because those plants are psychoactive medicinal plants which when a person has insomnia and has lost the ability to dream as well as astral travel, those plants are able to bring back the abilities of sleep and dreaming.
Then after that I tried to conduct my own research to track and find out why in Soweto, lakes rivers and streams including spring ponds were changing their real essence of colour and smell. I find out that mining is the main contributing factor. Then in early 2010 I was going to further observe and track the source of the purple yellowish colour and possibly its smell near the Fleurhof dam. I came across Mr.Israel Mosala and Rachel of Earthlife organization ,they were nearby the Fleurhof dam doing their field work pertaining to acid mine drainage and taking photos. We talked about acid mine drainage and the water of the spring pond, Fleurhof dam and the stream. Since then we continued to communicate and started an environmental concerned relationship group. By Edmund Mandla Tsawe posted by Rapule Moiloa