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Mine dumps should be rehabilitated

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/23/02/18

These is the dump with trees planted at front facing Diepkloof but when going at the back its not yet covered because they want to put water pipes to subsides the dust. Though they may have the security company to patrol at the dumps its not enough because that security company does not have rehabilitation skills to completely do away with dust. These dump should be dissolved to the ground and never more there should be dumps in our communities.

They may have all kinds of danger signs that are placed around dumps and that doesn’t do any justice for communities affected. They may have water pipes,trees,grass , danger signs,security company’s all these helps with nothing.

Work continues in these dump on daily basis ,these rocks are placed on streams alongside dumps and each day men and women are working hard but their health is compromised. By Rapule Moiloa