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unemployement leaves South African to create self-employment paths, but post-mining impacts threatens this income generating initiatives


Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/12/02/18

Because of high rate of unemployment in the country many people create employment for themselves and others. There are two or more day care centres in Mogase view and around Diepkloof. These is one of the day care centres in Mogase view where parents are living their kids to be taken care off while they are at work

These day care is run by an old lady who is more than ten years living in Mogase view and already she complains about dust, water from the freeway running in their door steps cantered

Ask myself how cantered of these kids get to be taken to the Dr’s when they get sick eye problems, respiratory problems are some of the things she spoke about, I did not get her pic as the gate is locked. The day care is called Jackie’s day care. By Rapule Moiloa