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Monametse (Malengine housing project)

Community Alerts/Moshabi Selowa/Limpopo-Malengine section Monametsi/07/02/18

Since 31August 2017 when final resolution taken of rebuilding, road construction and repairing of houses passed, the progress goes slowly but to my understanding is surely moving as we are watching every single step taken by the company and its principal agent.

For any proposal on proposed scope of work, we making sure that community members will benefit for their own houses. Up to so far, we agreed about R6000 per household per month, they trying their best play unfair game to include transport to new accommodation but we denied to include that on transport mode. We also agreed on giving priority of subcontractor to residents of Malengine as beneficiaries of their houses and labour force also as priorities on work opportunity.

Surely after proposal approved on transportation of furniture to new accommodation project will start and we making sure that everything will be in order. Despite some other grievances left behind agreed to be entertained we preparing to beat victory of rebuilt all houses as the foundation are too problematic. By Moshabi Selowa