Tunatazama - Community Monitors

 On 20/02/2018 SEJN met the Social Performance manager of Twickenham

Community Alerts/Mathapelo Thobejane/Limpopo-Sekhukhune/23/02/18

The meeting was supposed to take place on the 13/02/2018 but failed due to last minutes cancellation. The meeting was about the compensation of 12 Livestock owners who lost their livestock in the mine stream. More than 16 livestock owners who did not report the cases to the mine while there are people among the numbers who reported their cases were not registered at mine report.

The case of the 12 livestock owners the mine official promised to work on it and ready to compensate before 9/03/2018 and the other case was return back to SEJN to submit more details on it. The mine officials agreed to place a big billboard on the mine stream that will give information to community to where must they report cases and what must be done.

The building of dams or water troughs and drilling of borehole for seven (7) villages was also discussed. On Monday the 26/03/2018 the contractor will be meeting livestock owners’ representatives in 7 villages to finalize the sites for water troughs and borehole. By Mmathapelo Thobejane