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Prostitution in Wonderkop ,Nkaneng section

Community Alerts/One day leader from Wonderkop/Rustenburg-Wonderkop/05/04/18

People who are affected are young ladies around Wonderkop at Nkaneng section they do this everyday, they say they doing this because poverty is so high and they don’t have any guidance from parents.

Motivators and cancelling centre must be opened to motivate them and help them to find decent work
An audio interview of a young Lady in wonderkop about prostitution who wanted to be unknown.

Interview with X

A young Lady who calls her self X is 22 years of age,she lives in Wonderkop Nkaneng section  dropped  out from Rakgatlha high school in 2012 when she was doing grade 10. Her parents passed on and she lived with her sister who is not working and the sister told her to hustle ,the suffering forced her to leave school .Trying to make a living by hustling  a friend introduced her to  prostitution and told her they can make money from it for better  living. Her clients are old men from mines and young men too.

When X goes or does her work she doesn’t wear long clothes she wears shorts and mini jumpsuit (as seen on pic) and makes  lots of money .X charges R150 for one round with condom and R300 without condom also she doesn’t care about their status because she is HIV positive and takes treatment. Sometimes she tells her clients that she is HIV positive but they don’t believe her  “they say I’m beautiful its because a take my medicine very well”,so I can’t refuse when someone gives me money and say no. She doesn’t want to go back to school ,she says she is used of getting money if she is at school there won’t be money for her but if she will get someone who can tell her his to make money maybe she can go back to school. By One day leader