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Rapule observes Mogase View after the rain

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Diepkloof/09/03/18

These pipe thing is about to sink, and it will mean a hole for water not just rain water but dirty water as it is dump land. It’s happening next to someone’s yard and no one knows what’s happening unless there was an honest councillor that does the work without benefiting but that won’t happen the system is corrupt. The water will continue in this colour no matter what and it has been like this for years as it is a dump and all these water runs in the yards

This is how water runs in the stream at Mogase view in Diepkloof and the same kids watched while water runs after I left the bridge when they were standing at the freeway before they came down in the foot path in the bushes. The rubbish was seeped last week as Pick-it-up did not report in Diepkloof.

These pic is yesterday’s after the rain had stopped and these shows that those living here are troubled because of these bushes as it is wet, and water is running from the side of the bushes to the gate. By Rapule Moiloa