Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The community without water in their taps

by Collen Jolobe

Social and Environmental Justice in Action, Emalahleni, Mpumalanga

Date: 2018/04/11

A place at Emalahleni at ext 11 next to were I live. They are experiencing problems of living without water, and this problem is happening for much too long. The community is suffering because of this. The community survives by collecting water to places next to them, which are not affected by the problem it is only at ext 11 were they don’t have water. I interviewed a community member, and he said,” I have stayed for 4 years, and we have been without water, as in now I’m talking to you”. They have tried to hold meetings, but their councillor stays at Kwa-Guqa location, which is far from them, so they cannot communicate with their councillor to solve the matter. Water is assential in our lives we cannot do anything without water. The community must take action and stand for their rights. They have reported the matter to the municipality, but there is no response on the matter .when it comes to the issue of the councillor that stays far from them as the community they need to come together, and solve the particular matter.

By: Collen Jolobe
Mpumalanga, Emalahleni