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Community alerts/Moshabi Selowa/Limpopo, Mmalingine/11/05/2018

The work at monametse village under fetakgomo/greater Tubatse municipality in Limpopo is not yet finished while rest their tendering term is nearly to end.

Due to the agreement made in January during the first meeting of the project, we agreed that road contraction will end on 08/05/2018 which has came to end last week and others must end on June, July this year Looking at the house foundations of demolished houses are ended this week, this kind of foundations looks strong and tough even though we still waiting for results of test.

Anglo and its client being Bokone platinum mine under the super vision of Barnard Mayer principal Agent of the project said road construction must be penalized due to over due time of term.

Story by: Moshabi Selowa.