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Compiled by Billian Matambo Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Workers Union ( ZIDAWU)

The two day training on labour rights hosted by ZELA at Msangano lodge ,Mutare was an eye opener for the diamond workers and ex diamond workers. With the mine employers being the game changers playing the innocent ,ignorant mine workers who can’t tell the difference between rights, interests and emotions.

Held on the 21st and 22nd of April 2018 ,it was a privilege and an honour for Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Workers Union to have their members and diamond workers trained by professional lawyers digging deeper into the basics of the contents of labour Act.Ms Nyaradzo Mutonhori of ZELA explained on the rights under safe working conditions, also on rights to leave days.Listing different types of leave days ranging from vocational leave, sick leave,special leave, compassionate leave, maternity and partenity leave, explaining in detail what labour Act says inline with all these various leave days.

While lawyer Mr Calexy Mauga explained section 2 of labour Act which define the types of contracts an employee can get.” We don’t know the difference of these contracts ,or their terms and conditions, when one gets a job and given a contract form, due to over excitement we just rush to sign without even revetting the terms of the contract, hence the context of the contract end up backfiring at the signatory, the worker” said one of the participants. Pinpointing that most workers sell their rights by signing unknowingly and ignorantly. Among other topics Mr Mauga lectured on the issues to do with termination of contracts, termination under statute section 12B amendment of 2002 which deals with the concept of unfair dismissal. Also section 93(1) of the labour Act which deals with dispute resolutions or unfair labour practices.

The information and knowledge shared will be the best tool a mine worker need to fight unfair labour practices. As ZIDAWU we give thanks to ZELA for this educative, informative, enlightening and helpful training which will help ZIDAWU members and workers to the next generation.