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Community alerts/ Eunice Mampa/Ga-Mampa/22-05-2018, 20:24]

At Phasha  clinic there is shortage of prevention medicine like nur-istrate and depo there is only pills and three years method , i feel pity for our new generation because they don’t want to use pills or three years method , i asked one of the girls how about using condoms ,she said “they don’t want to use them” and many community use Phasha clinic ( Mampa, Ga-Phasha, Tjibeng, mooilyk, Seokodibeng, Mahlabeng, Habeng, Rostok ,Ledingwe and Dithabaneng) . I think lot of people will fall pregnant because without nur-istrate and depo they don’t want to prevent with any method. It has been reported three weeks without those prevention methods.

Story by : Eunice Mampa