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Previous Diamond companies left Disused Pits and Gullies .

@refiassithole MDT

Companies mining diamonds in Marange before consolidation have left unused gullies and pits in most areas in our community. This has posed a lot of danger to both human and domestic animals which might be trapped in these pits. Some of these pits have become a breeding ground /places for mosquitoes as well as other water born disease like bilharzia especially to young children who have got a tendency of playing in these areas.
These companies have not rehabilitated the land following their dismissal by government. We believe that they did so because they did not have EIA when they started mining hence EIA is very pivotal where mining is taking place because it addresses plans for rehabilitation of disused land after mining. Therefore we are calling for the current consolidated company to have its updated community oriented EIA so as to avoid the same previous mistakes done by these former companies .