kabwe and bridget 5/04/2018organisation :YAD
This is the road that passes through kansanshi mine which is in a very bad state. This road it is also reading to D.R.C. Before the coming of this mine the road was was in a very good state. The community is really affected because that’s road been used by so many people, we feel this road will course the loss of so many lives.
We feel the mine and the government should do something on on this road.


Writers name: Deborah Chewe
Writers org:new generation FM radio
Area: hospital compound
Content: Solwezi mushindamo which leads to the kipushi boarder in the North Western Part of Zambia has been in a bad state since First quantum minerals raided the road.

This is the road which has been helping communities in solwezi to link their businesses to the neighbouring country DR Congo.

As a result of mining activities in the area most business people are failing to access the road because of the heavy trucks that pass through the road damaging it and making it impassable for other road users.

This situation never used to happen in the past.