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Sewer leakage problem in Vosman

Community alerts, Promise Mabilo, Emalahleni Mpumelelweni, Mpumalanga, 2018/05/24

Residents in the Vosman area around Emalahleni are facing a very big challenge of sewer leackages in their homes I found the sewer running on the streets from 5 different houses when I asked them when does this started they said it’s been 4 years since 2014 later that year,I also asked what does the councellor says and the municipality, They respond that they came and did nothing and now they are fighting amongst themselves no one allowed another to dig a drain passing to his home and if they don’t the waste split all over ,They even said they nolonger use their flushing systems they’ve disconected it because when they flush it comes back in the house they are now digging pit toilets ,these people are experiencing hell on earth they don’t open their doors also in summer they said they eat flies as they will be all over in their houses and they are unable to use doom as they are having sinus problem.