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In10/05/2018 Marula platinum mine had with accident because LHD has failed breaks in night shift @ Driekopshaft, the operator was on the way from test ramp to underground,& machine response says is past from test ramp, when operator is busy in underground level two, then is time to knock off for LHD Driver, so he removed his machine about 5 metre away from face then he turned back to assist other workers, so  when they were busy working that machine was going slowly until accident happen cause he didn’t put snachblogs, so this accident is affected 4 peoples, so 1 has passed away in Dilokong hospital & those 3 they get it serous injuries cause they was trying to run away to put them self  safe they’ve fall down over bucket of LHD, so the manager of operation has confirmed for that month he won’t give them bonus because of accident & injuries, he said so on mass meeting.