Shikamo Eliack /YAD/North western Zambia. 31/07/2018. CSO Voice Soft but making impact.

The CSO voice is a voice that is perceived to have no strong impact. Its not a voice that produces a strong wave that brings a hurricane or an earth quake. But it slowly makes impact.
The picture above is the works that kansanshi is doing on some designated roads. This after for the past 2 years CSO advocated for some funds from land rate to be channeled towards roads. As solwezi municipal counsel had been misusing the funds with out residents seeing the clear benefits.
Hence CSO advocated for the funds to be set aside for road works. This year SMC had set aside 30% of the funds and entered in an MOU with Kasanshi mine for them to do the local roads. The strength of the picture is about the impact of our voices of extractive industry and how it should benefit local people.
The gap is that kasanshi mine is doing only graveling of the roads hence this leaves a loophole for every year spending funds on same roads. Hence we CSO won’t sleep and relax. We will advocate for quality tarred roads and this will reduce cost of doing the roads. Tarring one stretch is better than graveling same roads every year.
Bravo to CSO for the work we doing for the voiceless. It has a deep impact though not instant clear