Robinson Kachuñu/Kwetu Voice /NWP, Zambia 14.08.2018

Kansanshi Mine Trains 31 Mufumbwe youths. Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) able Provincial Coordinator for Northwestern province mobilised youths from mufumbwe district to receive training from Kansanshi Foundation in Solwezi. The three days training package has 1. Conservation farming, 2. Green charcoal, 3. Village banking from 13 – 15 August 2018. The Kansanshi foundation has been very keen in helping out mining communities and far distant communities on matters that border on development. Kansanshi mine seems to strongly have adopted the leave noone behind sustainable development goal.
The youths so far have appreciated the the trainings and a number of them wished they had such knowledge and skills even earlier in their lives.
For this training Kansanshi foundation has provide accommodation, transport to and from Mufumbwe, and food and the training itself in three categories as above stated.

National Youth Development Council (NYDC) Provincial Officer in conjunction with CSPR will as well facilitate the formation and registration of a youth organization so that the group of youths will have a legal existence through which many benefits will come by.