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Mine dust impacts on human health (air pollution issues/

Community alerts, Promise Mabilo, Mpumalanga, Empumelelweni, 2018/08/10

1. Mpumalanga Ext 6 Empumelelweni we are experiencing dust on a daily basis due to the trucks moving up and down from the mines and the roads are gravel roads which are not well mantain and not even watered to lower the dust. we wait for the rain and it also damages the roads and that makes us to clean every now and again.

2. Also blasting from the mining causes poor AQ around our area and causes pollution in our streams that we rely on when we are having no water and also the blasting causes cracks in our houses

3. Health is a very big challenge in the area due to poor AQ in the highveld and all these must be overcomed through commitment together with communities raising more awarenesses letting them know the truth so that when we start holding those responsible to the damage done we have a full back up around our communities.