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Supreme in pollution

Community Alerts/ David Gaanakgomo/ Klerksdorp-Tigane/21/08/18

Supreme poultry has the abattoir next to the school. It is creating the employment opportunities for some of the residents of Tigane. The geographical area which is built at is next to the only high school in the area.
It operates day and night and its machinery make noise next to the school. In order for learners to hear the educators has to raise their voices during their daily teaching. It has a boiler which releases pressure now and then which make noise. The smell of the drain is very unpleasant and the chemicals are very strong with unpleasant odor too. After defeathering, the smell of feathers and the caucuses of the chicken are smelling as far as in the residential area including the high school which is 30m away from the abattoir. The boiler is using coal to heat the water and the smoke it causes is blown to the residential area.
At times its drainage system gets blocked and the spillages thereof are smelling bad. It also affects the school children thus leading to interruption of daily teaching.
Worse of it, the abattoir is not doing anything to assist the local school even to give bursaries to the learners. There is nothing which it can show that it did for our community. By David Gaanakgomo