Community Alerts/ Amogelang Tshabalala/Sefikile-Rustenburg/17/09/2018

Sefikile village is a village situated where Anglo Platinum Union Mine is taking. Just about 6.5 kilometers away from the mine and +-20 kilometers away from municipal offices. The problem that we have as the community is the internal road that the mine had committed to maintain. Since the road has never been maintained before.

The mine placed the billboards saying that this internal road is maintained by Anglo Platinum but the road has never been maintained. The condition of the road is not satisfying at all. It is very dusty, a lot of potholes and very muddy at rainy times. The community is complaining of because the mine has placed the billboards saying that they are maintaining it why is it in that condition. That road is the access road, mine workers, pensioners, teachers, learners, and the whole community uses that road. Is the road that takes us all to every point of Sefikile village.

When the community started asking questions about the billboards that the mine placed they removed them without the knowledge of the community. We then had an agreement with the mine on how they should keep their promise as to maintain the road they played us for the fools. We then again arranged the meeting with the General Manager and the CED manager Miss Gontse Sekudu they replied our email the day we were supposed to meet but we still went to try and meet with them and the message we got is that they went to East London. And as for now we still want to meet with the mine to discuss how they should help the municipality on making the road right.

The municipality agreed to help us but has fewer resources so what we want is the mine to help the municipality with the resources. As for in the coming future we want the mine to keep their promises when it comes to maintaining the road. If possible the mine can even put pavement and or tarred road. To be exact about the road is that we want the mine to maintain it as they have promised and or to put the Tared road that’s all. By Amogelang Tshabalala