Community alerts/ Cliford Mohuba/ Monametse 02-10-2018, 2:43 PM]

As I was walking on the street road where road is busy constructed in the relocation  this is what I found, a Bokoni platinum mine explosive that are carried out of mine as in a mine waste that are meant to be dumped and fenced far from people,but instead they take them to people where people with no clue what this might or do to a human body, a big threat to people it might cause a body injury or even can take life of an innocent soul if it can be mishandled,instead of paving or tarring the road they made the road with mine waste that can even cause something no body was expecting it to happen

their road are just a time ticking bomb that are waiting for an innocent soul.

Story by : Clifford Mohuba

Malengine Corruption Watch