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Sasol and Natref are silently continuing with their criminality on Off-Sets

Community Alerts/Mduduzi Tshabalala/VEJA-Vaal/23/01/19


Sasol and Natref are silently continuing with their criminality on Off-Sets, and today they host what they call a ‘Road Map’ in secret. Having been told by 1 of our comrade over the telephone “comrades where are you? Sasol and Natref are in the community telling about their Road Map” said our comrade.

The Off-Sets projects are redirected duties from municipality to companies listed with Atmospheric Emissions License and they perform whatever OffSet duty on behalf of a service delivery local governments had to offer to their residents.  VEJA considers this process as illegitimate because local governments always hide behind corporate culture when it is also supposed to enforce the laws like Minimum Emissions Standards of the Air Quality Act!

We have seen Eskom lying to communities in the Air Priority Areas about their Off-Set project which was supposed to have started a few years ago and today they are also doing their ‘road mapping’, same as Sasol and Natref- industrial companies will always hide behind the inactive legislations to justify their criminal intent when the VTAPA has been declared more than 10yrs ago, this much like telling the South African public that Eskom, Sasol and Natref have the audacity to come out in public and lie professionally that they are incapable of complying with the law rather they can buy more time to continue with their pollution instead of complying. By Mduduzi Tshabalala