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Water problems in Emalahleni Ezinambeni

Community Alerts, Collen Jolobe, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Ezinambeni, 2019/08/20

Water scarcity

zone 14 which is widely known as eznambeni we have a problem of water scarcity. At nearby community close to were I stay it’s even worse they don’t have water at all, which is at extension 10. They survive by collecting the water.

At zone 14 we have water cuts almost every week. The problem affects every member of the community, what causes the problem is that the community is growing in large numbers, so there is not enough water for everyone, but there is a resivour in construction to supply all the members of community.

The problem affects us in a way we don’t have water to do the laundry, to cook, and wash the dishes. The problem will lead to people picketing in the streets, and becoming violent, by burning the tires, because of poor service delivery.  I think that the community should meet with the councillor to resolve this issue.

By Collen Jolobep