Community alerts/ Mmabore Mogashoa/Tshehlwaneng, Ga-Mogashoa/25/09/2019, 13:57]

Heritage celebration in Tshehlwaneng Mr & Mrs Tshehlwaneng Heritage celebration was held in Marota Makgane Primary School on the 24 September 2019 under Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality Ward 12. Purpose of the day was to make an awareness about Heritage and Teenage Pregnancy. Children are our future leaders and this awareness will not only help our children but our country as a whole. Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy : -STIs, HIV & Aids,  stress, single parenting, unable to finish studies, substance abuse, crime and Tshehlwaneng Clinic advised on the following: -Children should not have secrets and tell their parents everything. Parents know how to protect them. -Drug and substance abuse. -Danger of Walking at night and trusting strangers. -To always make sure that parents know where they are. – No to sex – No to touching – having sex at an early stage can cause cancer SAPS advised on: -Child pornography -Suicide, why most of the children commit suicide -To say No to sex if under 19 – Be careful of older people who want to take advantage of kids One model mentioned that women should not be discouraged by their skin color and another said Heritage is legacy left by our fore fathers. Activities for the day: – Traditional Setswana dance -Drama -Brass band -Modern dance -poetry -Traditional dance Why on heritage day? As a Provincial Innovator and an Activist  I saw a need to teach youngsters about heritage. We are nothing without our culture, our roots and ancestors. And as Africans we need to go back and use what ever we know or have to protect our children. Nowadays children have cell phones and TVs, and are exposed to lot of bad things. We still need to teach people to go back to their roots. Africa is a beautiful land and is up to us to make it a better country and save our heritage. Teaching children at an early stage will benefit us in future to all indeginous things in Africa. The event was supported by Love Life and organized by Mr Julian Tsoka and Bahati  Modeling Academy.

Story by Mmabore Mogashoa