4 April 2020

By Malvern Mudiwa

Marange – Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is not spared just like any other parts of the world as far as Covid 19 is concerned. In the wake of the deadly pandemic, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe declared 21 days of Lockdown starts Monday 30 March to the 20th April this year 2020 . During this period all are advised to observe the following, to avoid where ever possible social contact, all Church gatherings, funeral gatherings, meetings conferences, physical contacts,using sanitisers, washing of hands and masks as a way of reducing the spread of Corona Virus.

The first week there seems to be compliance, people stayed in their homes. The unfortunate part is our Government fail to walk the talk as there are a lot of inconsistency on their side. First and foremost the Government was supposed to make sure there are mechanism in place for all essential services such as adequate supply of basics like maize meal cooking oil and so forth in order to manage congestion. It seems the cat is out of the cage, as running battles is the order of the day between State agencies and people who will be stampeding for erratic supply of the much needed maize meal.

 For as much as the situation is not addressed, the only available option is to look up to the Skies. Collectively there is need for piling pressure on Government to change its way of approach if we are serious about combating this deadly Virus.

 During this Lockdown period most people opted to spend this period in their rural homes, where most rural folks depends on donor funding. However not everyone is benefiting from the food handouts as they are listed depends on the vulnerability, the situation is the same on everyone in this point in time hence the need to call for donors to consider equal distribution across the board. Its high time we must effectively use social media platforms for awarenesses and where ever possible following events from across the globe.