22.02/2018 MDT Community Monitors  Beulah Mawoyo

Pictures sent by MDT community monitor Mrs Beulah Mawoyo after ZCDC vandalise the only water source in Tinoengana village Chiadzwa Mining area  Ward 30 Marange in Zimbabwe there was a lot of publications followed by engagement by Marange Development Trust with the mining company which did not yield the desired results this prompt the women affected led by Mrs Mawoyo to demonstrate by blocking the entrance to the mining sites whilst beating empty water buckets of which the mining company responded by providing water Bouser to the affected areas and promised to drill a new borehole. Today we are celebrating the drilling of a new borehole in Tinoengana village Thank you everyone for putting a good fight thank you ZCDC for responding positively at last  Victory is certain along you can go fast but together you can go far.