Sefikile Village
Amo Tshabalala

We as the board members of the Sefikile village, had a short meeting after we have seen and heard that Madagascar had no COVID19 cases at all.

We firstly discussed to get permits for our mission to be complete.
2) We share the info we discussed with our families and neighbours and tell our neighbours to tell the others neighbours and so on and so on so that the whole village can know what is expected of them to do.
3) Tell the info the way you were told to safe our community members as they are very important to us and to each other.

Since SA is taking the long route to the medicine let’s take the short one and save lives.

Each house hold will plant Lengana in their homes to prevent COVID19. All those households that already have Lengana will share with other households.

We are taking Madagascar to Sefikile village and save lives. All those who don’t have Lengana, by the permits that we did, we’re going to the bushes and get them since there are others who knows where to find it and give it to those who don’t have it.

We were then blessed that day of going to the bushes by the municipal excavator that was excavating the main internal road and and it was easy for some of us to get by the bushes and get the Lengana medicine.

What is left now is the distribution to the house holds to plant. The info is clear to the community what is expected of them to do.

Everything went well, meaning the hunting of the Lengana medicine. All is done now. The bush tour is now done. Then left the distribution tour.